User Manual

Micron's Automata Processor (AP) is a programmable silicon device capable of performing very high speed searches over an immense search space. The AP SDK is software that enables programming, simulation, and operation of the AP hardware. It may be thought of as being divided into components for development, the process of creating a network of interconnected automata, for simulating the operation of a programmed AP device on a computing platform, and for runtime, the operation of a programmed AP device on a computing platform. While the SDK can be installed on a computer running either Windows or Linux operating systems, the runtime environment will only work with an AP on systems which support an AP driver. The current x86 driver works only on 64-bit Linux systems (32-bit version available on request). The development environment creates the binary image file containing AP device programming which can be created on one computer system and transferred to another with an AP runtime environment. Although running searches on actual AP hardware is only supported under Linux, there is an emulator provided that allows automata to be tested under Windows.

This manual is divided in the following sections:

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