Glossary of Terms
Bit Parallel FSM (BPFSM)A automaton which encodes each state machine state as a bit in an extremely large word.
APAutomata Processor. Micron device which uses DRAM technology to implement an Automata Processor.
AutomatonAn automaton or finite state automaton (plural: automata) or simply a state machine.
Runtime objectA computing execution method for searching data against regular expressions. Also a computing method for executing a regular search.
FlowA Flow is a concept which associates disjoint segments of data as a single contiguous data block. The order of data segments within a flow is fixed and usually depends on the time when the data segment became available (for example networking packets).
State Transition Element (STE)A single automaton resource unit in the Automata Processor.
Automata Processor (AP)A hardware or software engine which can execute an automaton. The Automata Processor is bound to an AP Technology.
Automaton ResourcesThe physical resources which are used by an Automata Processor and AP Technology when executing an automaton. Automata Processor resources include such items as: memory usage, power consumption, and connectivity complexity.
AP TechnologyA specific, potentially unique, computing method for expressing an automaton in hardware or software.
LoaderA software program that takes the compiler output automaton and loads it into the AP hardware device or Software Simulator.
Regular ExpressionA method for expressing, in human readable form, search criteria for the search of unstructured data.
Regular Expression CompilerA software program which takes a regular expression as its input and delivers an automaton as its output. The automaton output is usually tied to an AP Technology.
Regular SearchThe searching of unstructured data against a regular expression. The regular expression is compiled into an automaton. The search is performed by loading the automaton into an Automata Processor and then feeding the unstructured Data into the AP.
EULAEnd User License Agreement
Unstructured DataData which is free form and has no indexing applied to words within the data. Words mean any combination of bytes, printable and non-printable, within the data.