ANML Documentation

Automata Network Element

The automata network element is the root element (top-level namespace) for an ANML network description. It contains one or more automatons composed of foundational elements or macros.

An automata network is comprised of three required attributes:

  • ID
  • name
  • at least one foundational element (state transition element, boolean, or counter) or macro (macro reference or macro definition)

Every element and top-level macro nested inside an automata network must have a unique ID.

Figure 1. Automata Network Element
Railroad automata network element

ID Attribute

The ID attribute is a user-defined unique identifier (name) for the automata network. The ID attribute must start with a character but can then contain other characters, digits, or underscore symbols.

Name Attribute

The name attribute is a user-defined name (label) for identifying the automata network.

Foundational Element or Macro

The foundational element(s) or macro(s) comprise the automata network.