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Micron's D480 Automata Processor is a programmable silicon device capable of performing very high speed searches over an immense search space. Automata Network Markup Language (ANML) is the language for building automata networks for implementation in the Automata Processor.

Based on XML, and formally described in an XML schema definition (XSD) document, ANML contains tags (elements and properties) that represent each of the automata processing resources. Element properties describe, for instance, the states in an automata, their transitions, and their response to input. The way in which these elements are configured and connected defines the task an automata network is programmed to perform.

As a method for describing ANML syntax, this guide presents ANML in both text and graphical forms, including railroad diagrams. Railroad diagrams represent the syntactic structure required to create ANML elements:

  • Rectangles indicate the name of an element (rounded rectangles specify literal text whereas square rectangles represent abstractions defined elsewhere in the form of a text description or another more detailed diagram).
  • Arrows connect elements to each other and indicate path(s) in the syntax (arrows that split circumvent an optional syntax element or loop back to a repeated element whereas arrows that join indicate the next valid syntax element).
Figure 1. Example Railroad Diagram
Railroad sample sentence original

For example, following the railroad diagram above, various sentences can be constructed, including:

  • I went home.
  • We went to the movies.
  • We went to the store and to the movies.

See ANML Syntax and Design Principles for more information on the ANML syntax examples used in this guide.

Obtaining More Information

For more information on Micron's Automata Processor, see the following resources:

  • Developer's Portal

    Micron's Automata Processor Developer's Portal website contains resources for using the automata processor as well as documentation and training resources.

  • Center for Automata Computing

    The Center for Automata Computing based at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville Virginia supports the academic research of automata computing.

  • AP Programmer's Reference/SDK

    Micron's Automata Processor (AP) SDK is software and code libraries that enable programming and runtime operation of the D480 hardware.

  • Automata Processor (AP) Workbench

    The AP Workbench is a graphical software tool for designing, compiling, and programming automata network applications with ANML.

  • ANML Cookbook

    The ANML Cookbook provides example automata networks built with ANML code.