This guide provides guidelines and example source code for constructing automata networks using the Automata Network Markup Language (ANML).

This guide is intended for developers designing automata networks using Micron's Automata Processor (AP) Workbench (a graphical editing tool) or writing ANML code manually (in Python or C programming languages).

The guide presents automata networks designed to perform specific functions or tasks. Each design includes the following information:

  • Application: The task the automaton network is designed to perform.
  • Construction: Actual coding for creating the automaton network (provided in AP Workbench and C and Python programming languages).
  • Operation: How the automaton network functions and additional information for building the automaton network.

Plain ANML coding for each application is provided in the appendix.

Obtaining More Information

For more information on ANML and Micron's Automata Processor, see the following resources:

ANML Developer's Guide

An overview of automata computing and the basic elements of ANML, including application examples and principles, techniques, and tips for designing automata networks.

AP Programmer's Reference/SDK

Software and code libraries that enable programming and runtime operation of Micron's D480 Automata Processor.

Automata Processor (AP) Workbench

Graphical software tool for designing, compiling, and programming automata network applications with ANML.

Developer's Portal

Resources for using the Automata Processor including documentation and training.

Center for Automata Processing

Center based at the University of Virginia that supports the academic and industrial research of automata processing.